Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Who is eligible to participate in an INADR Mediation Tournament?

  • All undergraduate university and college students may participate in the International Intercollegiate Mediation Tournament
  • All graduate students and law school students may participate in the International Law School Mediation Tournament.
  • Law programs that are 5 year programs—students in years 1-3 may participate in the undergraduate tournament and students in years 4-5 may participate in the law school tournament.

Question 2: What is the cost to register and participate in a tournament?

  • Costs vary by tournament and the cost will be listed for each individual tournament on the post for that tournament.

Question 3: How many students comprise a mediation team?

  • Each mediation team consists of three students.

Question 4: Does each team or participating school need a coach to register for the tournament?

  • Although coaches are encouraged to be involved in the tournaments, it is possible for a team of students from a school to register without a coach.

Question 5: How many rounds of mediation are in a tournament?

  • It depends on the tournament. At many invitational or training tournaments, there will be three preliminary rounds. Each individual will get to experience each part in the mediation role play. The mediator, client and advocate will be “played” by one member of a team. In the three rounds, each team member will be an advocate once, a client once and a mediator once.
  • Championship tournaments may have semi-final and/or final rounds in addition to the three preliminary rounds.

Question 6: What format is used for each round?

  • Unlike other mediation competitions, student participants serve as mediators and we use the co-mediation model in the mediation room. There are two students serving as co-mediators and two pairs of advocate client teams. Thus in any given round, there are students from four different participating schools, as two schools have a mediator and two other schools have advocate client pairs in the round.

Question 7: What format is used for each round?

  • Judges are drawn from mediators, attorneys, arbitrators, helping skills professionals and academics all of whom have experience in mediation and mediation advocacy. There are at least two judges in each round.

Question 8: Are there actual and virtual tournaments?

  • Yes

Question 9: Where can I obtain further information about these mediation tournaments?

  • Please review this website, INADR Facebook pages and direct any questions to our email at

Question 10: What about the Zoom or video tournaments?

  • We will have specific information about these tournaments posted at the time of registration.