The mission of the InterNational Academy of Dispute Resolution is to build, through education, worldwide recognition of the power of dispute resolution processes to peacefully resolve conflicts and promote conciliation and healing.


The International Law School Mediation Tournament is generally held in March 0r April each year and features law school and graduate school participants from all over the world. In even years, the tournament is held at the Law School at Loyola University in Chicago, IL, and in odd years it is held outside of the U.S.  In 2019 the tournament was held in Athens, Greece and in 2021, the tournament is scheduled for Tbilisi, Georgia. It is the culmination of invitational law school tournaments held under the auspices of INADR which occur around the world in locations such as Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, United Kingdom, United States, Brazil and Dubai.

International Intercollegiate Mediation Tournament

The International Intercollegiate Mediation tournament has been held since 2000.. It features undergraduate students competing as mediators, advocates and clients in a tournament format. The tournament has been in various locations around the United States and last year was held in Toronto, Canada. This tournament, which occurs in November, is the culmination of several invitational tournaments which have been held earlier in the fall and previous spring. 



  1. The International Academy of Dispute Resolution has not and does not currently certify any form of mediation training or approve mediation trainers. 
  2. Any training offered by INADR is offered in conjunction with approved mediation tournaments or other approved events.