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The mission of the InterNational Academy of Dispute Resolution is to build, through education, world-wide recognition of the power of dispute resolution processes to peacefully resolve conflicts and promote conciliation and healing. LAW SCHOOL MEDIATION TOURNAMENTS The Academy conducts invitational mediation tournaments around the world. At each of these tournaments one and one-half days of instruction are provided to the students, conducted by experienced mediators. Students learn skills of both being a mediator and representing a client in mediation. These invitational tournaments have been held in Perth, Australia, Kiev, Ukraine, Bhopal, India, Dubai, UAE, London and Liverpool, England, Glascow, Scotland, Belfast, Northern Ireland and throughout the United States. In addition to the invitational tournaments, a Championship Mediation Tournament is held each year, alternating between the U.S. and outside the U.S. This tournament, which most recently attracted students from 16 countries and 37 nationalities, has been held at Loyola University Law School in Chicago, BPP Law School in London and at the Law Society of Ireland in Dublin, Ireland.


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